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With Dameasymea.


  • Durable in the Longer Run
  • Quality-Driven
  • Easy to Handle

Protect Yourself And Your Neighborhoods From Flood Via Dameasymea

Undoubtedly, the Dameasymea serves as a barrier in preventing water seepage through windows and doors. It is one of the best alternatives to the traditional methods of using sandbags. Turning out to be one of the best tools in serving as an ozone layer at the time when required, Dameasymea is a life savior to many.


Why Dameasymea?





Our Expertise:

The Dameasy® Flood Barrier Door Dam is the first line of defence preventing entry of water through doors and windows. This is also a quicker and easier alternative to heavy and messy sandbags.
An investment in a life-saving tool like this is a wiser decision than incurring losses which will take you years to recover from.

In the event of a flood, time is a crucial factor – and this flood barrier provides you protection in less than five minutes!

Dameasy® Flood Barrier Door Dam
No Tools
No Fixings
No Drillings
Installation in 3 Steps
Set up in less than 5 Minutes
Minimal Storage Space Requirement
A Product of Countless Hours of Research &Testing

With the help of the Dameasy Extension pole, you can also cover larger areas such as garages, patio doors, French doors, shop fronts etc.

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  • After reading about it, you will have doubts about installing and buying this revolutionary tool. Our customer care can be reached in seconds to help you with the queries going across your mind.

  • You can also reach us through our contact form or email us at the given email. Our experts will be happy to help and guide you in buying and installing Dameasymea products.

  • An excellent alternative to heavy and messy sandbags, this flood gate provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors at your home, our flood gate can even cover larger entrances such as garages, french doors and shop fronts with the help of our extension pole.


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